Four Months In

Yep, rebuilt the website a few days ago. AGAIN. This time I didn’t get hacked. This time, I broke it myself playing around with a security plugin for WordPress. Here’s my review: IT MADE ME VERY INSECURE. lol The WordPress equivalent to the blue screen of death is “fatal error”. When you’re into WordPress like me, you learn that you may as well not freak out, just get your backups out and get to it. (you HAVE a backup right?!) Um… well… I had one but it was over a month old. yup. I’m writing this post from the proverbial time out corner I swear. So there’s a few missing posts. I can deal.

I decided that 10 years worth of podcast archives was a bit too much of me. So I posted a couple years worth, my favs are from the year 2010 that include conversations with my boyfriend Lee Parmet. (14 years babycakes so there.) Check ’em out from the menu above.

I have also decided, now that I’ve gotten past (mostly) some extremely sucky life changes ranging from November of 2016 till recently, that didn’t manage to actually kill me, that I will begin to produce new shows via YouTube. If you love me you’ll subscribe to my channel so you’ll be notified when its streaming live or available in archive form. If you don’t, fine be that way.

Till then, which is actually next week, Tuesdays I’m thinking, I still believe in you. I could use a little of that back now and then right?:)

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