Impossible Is A Curse Word

You may guess correctly that the most requested topics for a tarot reading are all about love and romance. After all, that’s what keeps our species going. In my experience, I would have to say the hot second is work and job issues. That’s why I wanted to add this category to my own website and blog; because more than half of readings done in my various online endeavors are asking “When will I find a job?!”

In the late ’90’s I was in the same boat. Living in a very small town, unless you worked in the tourist industry or could somehow land 2-3 part time jobs, you were screwed. Along comes the internet and the ability to work from home whenever I wanted! Nope I’ve never gotten rich, but I have, out of sheer determination, made it work for me.

Whether you want to be self-employed or work for a company hiring work from home people, YOU can too. I will never understand why depending on employers is the only option we think we have. Set aside the voice in your head that uses that curse word ‘impossible’. Be bold, be courageous and try something new babycakes!

Like These:

Work From Home:

Rat Race Rebellion spends tons of time and goes great lengths to find work at home jobs that are legit. If websites could be hugged, oh yeah. I see your mouth hanging open as you look through all the choices here mm hmm.

Self-Employed From Home: If you are a good advice giver, coach of any kind, teacher, enjoy interacting live (video, audio, & text) with clients and potential clients, setting your schedule and price, how about expanding your current client base to oh say, WORLDWIDE instead of your local in person area? How about people who don’t WANT to come in your brick and mortar office but WILL go online? Group and private sessions too. Endless potential.

Question/Comments? Down below. I’ll help you any way I can.

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