Life: For Entertainment Purposes Only

I learned a new word today: “adulting”. I’m a firm believer in the power of words to create or destroy, but this particular word makes me want to say it in a sarcastic tone.

Why does this word stick in my brain like one of those songs you hear on a tv show or movie; the kind you really hate but can’t exorcise until you play something louder and probably offensive to others?

Because the other day, I happened upon a podcast by a 20-something comedienne who shall remain unworded (see I can do it too). The whole point of this podcast is to call various online psychic readers, pretend to ask for help for herself or her friends, act as if there is genuine gratitude for the advice and information said reader gives her, end the call and proceed to use phrases like:”advice of a 4 year old”, “most vague one-sided conversation ever”, “what kind of name is (fill in the blank)”, “get a real day job”, etcetera.

If you say he/she should have seen it coming I will stab you with a spork.

Having worked online since 1999 for just about every service in existence, I have seen the very best and worst this profession has to offer. I have seen many who deserve, at the very least, being made fun of for their goofy wardrobe or their shower curtain dolphin webcam background. Having to look up the meaning of their stick people tarot cards DURING a reading is way unprofessional. At the very worst, yeah some do actually deserve jail time or a mongo voodoo curse to bind them from being stupid and fake. I can literally count on one hand other readers I would recommend personally.

HOWEVER, the truth is, whether I agree with their methods or not, MOST online readers/healers have spent time, money, and personally sacrificed to be of genuine help, and feel blessed to have found a way to also earn a living. When they receive a request for a reading, they assume its not a FAKE caller. That said, most of us live much simpler than we would like. We are not driving around in the latest anything or wearing the latest bling. The ones that are, are the ones who probably deserve the aforementioned jail time.

Nor will I take it upon myself to bad mouth or make fun of ANY other reader online to anyone else EVER. Its a personal rule of mine that the internet is big enough for everyone. I have been an actual adult for a very long time thank you very much so I can take a freaking joke. I will not however tolerate BEING one. When I see or hear someone else who’s only been on this planet long enough to figure out how to change their own underwear treat spiritual services and those who provide them callously, yeah it ticks me off.

Its cool though. I can take it. I will comment on it, but I can take it, because after all is said and done, being a comedienne is also a real job. (she says sarcastically.)

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