Needle Nirvana

OK that didn’t come out right. This is NOT about the band Nirvana nor does it have any association with needles that they may or may not have ever been associated with or with any of their members but now that I’ve mentioned it, stick your fingers in both ears and repeat after me: “CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL!” Whew.

The kind of needles this post is meant to address are acupuncture needles. NO I am not starting my own collection. I’ve always thought something wasn’t quite right about people who wanted to stick needles in other people on purpose, however, even I can learn something new. WOW did I ever!

Last Sunday I went to my first acupuncture session. My boyfriend’s aunt gifted me with a few sessions at a community acupuncture establishment. I won’t name it or add a link because I don’t want any of you to stalk me there. Its my new haven so back off. Anyway, on the way over, she was telling me what it was like. Big room, a bunch of big comfy chairs with blankets, lights down, soft music, and most people fall asleep for an hour or so. I for one, have never been able to fall asleep in a public place, including airplanes.

So we go inside, there are tapestries and posters on the wall with lots of flowers and inspiring slogans, oriental type decor, girls with braids and tribal clothing, very welcoming and kind; like walking into the 60’s only quieter (and cleaner) and with computers on the reception desk.

After a few minutes, this very nice lady comes over and introduces herself. She guides me to the big comfy chair room, I pick out my fav, and settle in. I notice a few other people in their own comfy chairs who are clearly not present in their bodies anymore. She is speaking very softly to me so as not to disturb the others. It occurs to me that this kinda reminds me of nap time in preschool. I wonder why we had to take naps on those stupid wooden army cots and I mean hey if we had been required to take naps in big comfy chairs some of us might have grown up to be nicer people ya know?! Just sayin.

After I indicate that I’m ready, she begins with the needles. A few in my right leg, where I have chronic tendonitis I’m totally sick of, a few in the other leg, and one on the top of my head, which is of course my crown chakra. (I know stuff.) She then rolls up a blanket to put on top of my legs so that the blanket she covers me with doesn’t disturb the needles. Did it hurt when she inserted them? Not at all. (And no she didn’t look like she was enjoying it in case you just have to know that.)

I swear on my Sri Yantra (look it up) that not more than 5 minutes later, I had no idea where I was. I was OUT. Gone. Later losers I was in total bliss, somewhere ‘out there’. So much for not being able to fall asleep in a public place. I did notice every few minutes that I felt tense and needed to relax, so as I did that, it was like relaxing down layer by layer. I don’t think I EVER have been THAT relaxed without it being medically necessary. I didn’t want to leave an hour later.

Did it help my tendonitis? Yeah I actually did feel an improvement. It takes a few sessions to get all the way there but I’m going again in a day or so and then again Sunday. I cannot WAIT. If you haven’t ever tried it? DO IT. (I’ll know if ya don’t.)

OH and don’t tell them I’m a Republican. In case you missed it, they have NEEDLES. K:)

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