New Year 2017

I’m not going to write a long boring post about all my good intentions and all the amazing things I learned in 2016 or moan about losses of love or money or time. I’ll leave all of that to other bloggers who are pretty sure its going to matter to anyone else. My take on blogging is that if it matters to me (or the blogger of note) then posting on one’s blog is not an exercise in philosophical whining, its a creative and sometimes informative outlet.

A few weeks go, I got to spend a few days in a local hospital being taken care of by people with very big brains in perfectly white starched coats. Even though the newly minted tachycardia condition that put me there was a total bummer, they shocked my heart back into submission and even took video by lowering a cam down my throat to check it out. Since I work alot on webcams online, I thought that was a tad ironic. They wouldn’t let me watch it however. Anyway, I am very thankful for all the care and compassion I received as I marveled at all their technology and degrees from Brown University. It was like being taken care of by angels from outer space. (If you know me, that’s a good thing.) I also must credit the best boyfriend ever with bringing me my tablet. (Who doesn’t love a hospital with WiFi?!)

I decided not to participate in the ever droning-on of last year nostalgia now that I’m back to mostly normal. When I got home, roughly a few days later. I discovered my website, yeah this one, had been hacked. After a conversation with my hosting provider, it was determined that starting over was the thing to do. I won’t get into details about who did it. Suffice it to say, if you’re Chinese I don’t like you very much and you’re not invited to my New Years party ever. No, I don’t care if that offends anyone.

So before I run the risk of writing the sort of post I just said I wasn’t going to write, my aim and New Year’s message to you is as follows: 2016 is gone, its done, buhhbye. Whatever we’ve experienced that sucked, ok it did. Move on. Whatever we experienced that was amazing and magical, those are the bits to hold on to because like attracts like whether or not YOU like it. My boyfriend and I were discussing this NY stuff the other nite at dinner and pretty much decided that the secret of life may actually come down to just staying interested; or deciding you will, on a daily basis. Its about being curious, being afraid you might miss something awesome and important, its about having hope.

And THAT, is what its all about babycakes. Nuff said.

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